Why use Emada?

On-premise and On-cloud

Emada is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) system. This means you avoid the huge capital expenses of an IT infrastructure. There is no need to develop in-house expertise.

On-premise we install a physical server farm on your server – or alternatively can install a virtualized server farm on Microsoft Azure.

With no IT infrastructure, the need to pay 3rd party licenses are greatly reduced. You also eliminate infrastructure costs such as networks, servers and firewalls.


You simply rent the software. After a consultation process with us into your system needs, you select the modules you require scaled to the size of your operation.


Many in-house student management systems are difficult to customize. Not so with Emada. It lets you take the modules you need, then add more as it suits you with no disruption. Whatever the scale and geographical complexity of your operation, you can fully customize Emada to your needs.


Built with the very latest technology, Emada can fully integrate with other systems. You have complete flexibility to combine software platforms to achieve the very best result for your company. Emada can work with the all popular database engines such as MS SQL, Oracle or MySql.The client organization has the choice of investment into the infrastructure and technology that suits them the best.


Large-scale in-house systems can have a limited understanding of local markets. Emada’s flexible, tailored approach means it is fully adaptable to regional needs. As an online ‘self-service’ model, Emada best serves the needs of all stakeholders who use the system.

Instantly Accessible

Clients today demand they can access the information they need instantly. They expect to be able to process a transaction quickly and easily. By having Emada as an integral part of your processes, you will attract prospective students through the sheer ease of its online transaction capabilities.


Emada is designed from ground up to be a self-service software which integrates the business process workflows for each operation that is handled by the university. All stakeholders enjoy anywhere-anytime accessibility to process requests and perform operations in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

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