Core module

Managed by the administrators from each stakeholder department such as the registration or finance, the core module contains and defines the system’s operational parameters. By setting up the parameters that best suit your specific needs from the start, you’ll quickly see Emada’s longer-term benefits. This flexibility to define business rules from the interface makes the system easy to setup and quick to launch..

The core module allows users to configure and define the system as per your organization’s specific needs. The parameters that govern the structure of the organization and the various business rules that structure the functional process and workflow are defined through the core module. Most of the data remains permanent to the organization once they are set.

Some of the parameters of the core module are listed below:

  • Campus definition Defines the number of geographical locations and financial entities of the university.
  • Certification types Defines the different certification types and levels that are offered by the university to its students such as Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree etc.
  • Language proficiency Defines language proficiency levels required to gain admission into various programs offered by the university.
  • Calendar management Defines the period in the calendar for each activity or process of the university such asadmission, registration, examinations orresults.
  • Academic terms Defines the academic terms and enables scheduling of classes. Emada also provides a forecast for expected students into each course based on major and minor study plans, study loads and mandatory or elective courses.
  • High level of security Emada is built on contemporary technologies and with the strongest architectures to overcome the security concerns of the current era.

Admissions Module

It is here that prospective students can apply to study at your institution. This module allows you to process admissions to any of the college’s academicprograms with complete ease, including quotas, individual criteria, and start/end dates.

  • Streamlined processThrough one central point, Emada allows applicants to set up their account, upload the required documents, and pay their application fees online. The same interface lets them transparently track the progress of their application.
  • Start-to-finish follow throughAdmission staff can follow through the entire qualification process, communicating with both the applicant and the relevant college departments. Once a decision is made, admission staff can inform the applicant through communication tools.
  • Automatic registrationOnce an application is successful, the system automatically allocates the student his/her unique ID number and adds them to the institution roster. Using the Emada admissions module, no additional administration is needed.

Registration Module

From preregistration through to grading, this module is where Emada comes into its own, handling all aspects of the registration process start-to-finish. The registration module is easy to use, time-efficient, and adds complete reliability to the process.

  • e-Advising for registration requestsGuided by the college’s own policies, e-Advising intelligently informs students of which courses they can or can’t register for. Extremely convenient and time-saving for students, it also greatly reduces the load on registration department and colleges, allowing them to focus on cases that need more individual attention.
  • Emada means adaptabilityNot every case is completely straightforward. Hence, e-Advising provides built-in flexibility.Emada is built on contemporary technologies and with strongest architectures to overcome the security concerns of the current era. Special cases need to be considered. In such cases, students can consult their advisor through the system.
  • Simple approvals, automatic credit transfersCutting the red tape out of approvals, Emada lets students and registration officers request online for transcripts or permission certificates. The system automatically generates the requested document once the application is approved. In the case of moving between universities, or from one course to another, Emada helps in processing credit transfers.
  • Course grading made easy Emada takes the headache out of grading. It allows the instructor to set up the parameters and enter student grades as the course progresses. At the end of the semester, the registration department simply needs to verify the results and update the student records.
    Emada supports various grading methodologies and policies to suit the individual needs of the university based on their operations.

Accounts Receivable Module

Emada allows you to conduct the billing process on a single streamlined platform and with complete reliability start-to-finish. This includes both students and your non-student customers.

  • Intelligent billing Emada gives accounts departments complete information to hand on the fees to charge each individual student. It also provides the cost of books and all other items.
  • Convenient payments For students, payments through Emada couldn’t be more straightforward. They can pay directly online for registration or tuition without having to travel or queue. For both the student and college, paying online leaves less room for administrative error.
  • Easy administration of scholarships and grants Emada provides your accounts department intelligence on the scholarships and grants the university can offer, and the criteria which makes the students eligible.
  • Invoicing and payment collectionEmada generates invoices automatically when a student registers, and keeps a full record of all cash or credit invoices issued. Cashiers can then simply update the system when they collect payment. It has a manual option for irregular transactions.
    Emada enables cash flow management and remittances, and generates revenue reports and forecasts.
  • Sponsorship Emada handles students sponsored from various government,private and charities for numerous services that the students subscribes from the university such as tuition, hostel or transportation.
    Emada generates sponsor invoices and makes the financial adjustments to the students’ accordingly.

Transport Module

This is a complete transportation management system. It defines the different routes available and schedules their timings. It holds and maintains all details of vehicles and drivers. It also manages the issuance and cancellation of student transport passes. With Emada, the once complex and laborious task of transport management has never been easier.

Continuing Education Centre (CEC) Module

This is an end-to-end module for universities and colleges that offer preparatory/public courses to the community. It defines the courses on offer, entry levels and certification exams needed. It schedules course and exam timings. It then communicates these to patrons.Emada supports various grading methodologies and policies to suit the individual needs of the university based on its operations.

During the course, Emada tracks and records attendance, and logs exam grades. It also logs the details of all CEC students – and sponsors if applicable.

Hostel Module

Emada’s Hostel module manages all aspects of students that live on campus. It provides information on which rooms are available for rent, plus gives rates information per room and according to interval – from semester to day rates.

It then manages the booking and assignment process, monitors check-in/check-out and automatically generates billing records.

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