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The sheer volume of registration data universities and colleges need to manage is often time and labor intensive. Equally, students expect their information to be processed quickly, efficiently and accurately through best-in-class technology.

Emada is an online cloud-based student management system. It enables students to process their own registration and manage their own course administration from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It eliminates the need to travel or queue in order to register, allows users complete ownership of the process and fully transparent access to their information. They can also pay online, securely and conveniently.

For academic institutions, Emada provides seamless functionality, greatly reduces the load on clerical staff and enhances the customer experience. Following a ‘workflow approach’, the program can be customized to mimic your own ‘real life’ processes and align with your existing operating procedures. It allows you to select the modules you require and add more as and when you need them, with no disruption to existing modules.

Emada is scalable to organizations large and small. Being a cloud-based system, there is no need for huge capital expenditure on IT infrastructure. It also fully integrates with other back office or surround systems.

Emada provides you and your students a one-stop shop to process and access information faster, more reliably and with far greater ease. It eliminates much of the paperwork that the admissions and registration process so often generates. It provides you, your applicants and students full visibility throughout the process.

Please browse the site to find out more about Emada’s unique offering, and how it will deliver tangible benefits to you and your stakeholders.

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