EMADA Overview
A complete end-to-end student management system, Emada helps universities and colleges manage their administration needs with complete ease – from admission and registration to course administration and graduation.

Emada is organized into separate, easy-to-manage modules, customizable to your specific needs. It gives you the flexibility to choose the modules you need to start with and add more later as required. As a flexible system,and available as a cloud-based offering as well as on-premise, Emada serves as the right choice for small to medium scale organizations as well as large universities.

We bring your manual administrative burden to a minimum and add huge efficiencies to your day-to-day admission and registration processes. Let Emada help you to work smart.

Our modules

Core module

Managed by the administrator, the core m odule contains the masters of the different functioning aspects of the system.

Admissions module

It is here that prospective students can apply to study at your institution. This module allows you to process admissions to any of the college’s programmes.

Registration module

From preregistration through to grading, this module is where Emada comes into its own, handling all aspects of the registration process from start-to-finish.

Hostel module

Emada’s Hostel module manages all aspects of students that live on campus. . It provides information on which rooms are available for rent.

Transport module

This is a complete transportation management system. It defines the different routes available and schedules their timings.

CEC module

This is an end-to-end module for universities and colleges that offer additional courses to the community.

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